I want to record exactly which items in a user’s basket are purchased

Optimise Tracking can also support Basket Tracking and is required for the following:

  • Visibility of  which individual products (or items) are being purchased within the shopping basket.
  • Our Basket Tracking report also identifies the most popular products & categories and the overall basket value, with options for more granular analysis by device type and by affiliate.

This can be achieved by adding 4 Item parameters to your Sale/Conversion Tag.

Parameter Requirement Instructions
IName Mandatory The name of the basket item purchased †
IID Mandatory The SKU of the basket item purchased †
IVol Mandatory The amount of the basket item purchased †
IVal Mandatory The individual value of the basket item purchased † ††

† If you are adding multiple values they must be separated by a pipe |
†† This is the value of an individual item. We will automatically calculate IVol x IVal

The following example demonstrates how the Item Values should be configured.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://track.omguk.com/4301/e/ss/?APPID={SaleReference}&MID={MID}&PID={MID}&status={SaleValue}&VCode={VoucherCode}&IName={ItemName1}|{ItemName2}&IID={ItemID1}|{ItemID2}&IVol={ItemVolume1}|{ItemVolume2}&IVal={ItemValue1}|{Itemvalue2}"></script>
<img src="https://track.omguk.com//4301/e/si/?APPID={SaleReference}&MID=4301&PID=4406&status={SaleValue}&VCode={VoucherCode}&cur={CurrencyCode}&IName={ItemName1}|{ItemName2}&IID={ItemID1}|{ItemID2}&IVol={ItemVolume1}|{ItemVolume2}&IVal={ItemValue1}|{Itemvalue2}" border="0" height="1" width="1">