Affiliate Content

Voucher Codes & Offers

Introduction Optimise provides access to merchant approved voucher/coupon codes, discounts and offers. You can find these in your affiliate account under Content > Voucher Codes If there are any voucher/coupon codes or offers that are exclusive to your AffiliateID they will automatically appear in your account. Voucher/Coupon Code Data Feed We now recommend using our […]

Transaction Query Submission Process

We believe these guidelines will make the processing and resolution of queries more efficient and transparent, enabling you to maintain the service levels your users require. Submissions from Affiliates Queries need to be submitted once a month, by the last working day of the month. All queries need to be submitted on the template provided […]

Optimise Native Content SDK

Introduction Optimise Native Content SDK allows Publishers, Affiliates & App Developers to integrate Optimise Network Product Feeds and Coupons, Vouchers & Offers directly into their Apps as native content. Getting Started Obtain your API access keys from your Optimise Affiliate account – More info. Download the SDK Follow our quick and easy guides to integrate into […]

Campaign Overview Screen

This article describes the information available in the Campaign Overview screen: Payout Type: The type of the event that will trigger a commission payout Commission: The amount of commission paid Daily Cap: Indicates if a daily budget cap is applicable. Cookie/MatchBack The cookie or matchback duration of the campaign in days Platforms: The type of […]

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