Affiliate - Product Feeds

Downloading Product Feeds by Category Search

It is also possible to search the Optimise Product Database for all products in a specific category. To download an entire feed in a single file Click here. Switch to the Category Search by clicking the Category Search Tab Enter a Search Term. The more refined the Search term, the less results you will receive. For […]

Product Feed Data Fields

Data Fields Parameter Data Type Description ProductID String Optimise’s unique ProductID ProductSKU String Product SKU provided by the Merchant ProductName String Product Name ProductDescription String Product Description – this may contain formatting provided by the Merchant ProductPrice Decimal Product Price ProductPriceCurrency String Product Price Currency as 3 digit ISO standard value. eg. GBP, USD, INR […]

Downloading Product Feeds

Selecting a Feed This option will enable you to download an entire feed for a merchant. To create a feed based on a category search Click here. Choose a Feed to download from the list. Clicking “View” will download the feed, clicking “Get URL” will display the Feed Download URL. You can also choose to view […]

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