Insights – Publisher FAQ

Table of Contents First Steps – How Does It Work? How do I view and amend my contact details?  How do I log out? I would like to close my account.  What levels of security are employed?  How do I view, add or edit websites that are registered with Optimise?  How do I view and […]

Finding Campaign Manager Features on Insights

Campaign Manager menu navigation  Campaign Manager page title  Insights feature  Where to find it?  How to use it?  Reporting/ Performance > Dashboard  Dashboard Dashboard The Dashboard is the first page you’ll see when you login.  This page provides a summary of your performance, including KPI’s at the top of the page, commission and your top performing advertisers.  Reporting/ […]

Insights Help

The links below provide some useful tips and information on using the Optimise Insights dashboard.   Insights – Publisher FAQ Glossary Finding Campaign Manager Features on Insights      

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