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Optimise/Bannerflow Integration

Optimise has integrated with Bannerflow letting you quickly and easily publish your HTML5 Ads to the Optimise platform. Simply log in to your Bannerflow account and Publish your Ads. Choose the banners you want to publish: And Select Optimise from the list of Networks: Copy out the Banner Tags and send them to your Account Manager to […]


Introduction Email is a powerful promotional tool used by a variety of specialist affiliates. Affiliates are able to send out solus emails promoting a particular product or programme for the merchant to consented databases of targeted email addresses. In order to take advantage of email affiliates it is necessary to put some guidelines in place […]


Introduction Editorial is also a powerful tool for marketing your site and products online. By complementing your banners, editorial content widens the range of promotional options available for affiliates to present to potential online customers. Editorial content is dynamically served by Optimise ensuring that affiliates are kept up to date. Affiliates are given access to […]

HTML Content Units

We recommend using HTML5 Ads/Banners – Find out more. It is recommended that the HTML banner is hosted within your own server environment. If this is not possible, please contact your account manager to arrange for Optimise to host this content. In order to deliver an HTML creative to an affiliate website it must be […]

Flash Ads/Banners

Flash banners are no longer recommended for campaigns due to Flash support being removed in major browsers. For animated content we instead recommend HTML5 Ads. ClickTAGs for Flash banners ClickTAG’s ensures that Optimise can dynamically generate a unique, Affiliate tracking URL for each flash creative. Implementing a ClickTAG is crucial to ensure a flash banner […]

HTML 5 Ads Requirements

Optimise support HTML5 Ads based on IAB Standards. You should read HTML5 for Digital Advertising 1.0: Guidance for Ad Designers & Creative Technologists before reading this guide. Notes: HTML 5 Ads must be supplied to Optimise that have been designed to comply with IAB standards. If you supply HTML 5 Ads based on other standards that are not compatible with IAB standards, there may be […]

Adding Vouchers/Offers

Introduction You can add vouchers, coupons and offers for your affiliates to use in their promotions. Affiliates, can download an aggregated feed of all Merchant promotions making it easy for them to integrate your offers into their site. Adding a New Offer Click on Content > Voucher Codes in your Merchant login. Add the details […]

Ads & Banners

Introduction This document outlines the ads, banners and editorial, including examples, required for your affiliate programme. It is recommended that you read through this guide and provide as much creative content as possible to assist Affiliates in promoting your programme. Ads/Banners Ads/Banners are a great way of getting brand recognition and we recommend that a […]

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