Merchant - Reporting

Reporting – Scheduling Reports

You can schedule reports to be delivered by Email through the interface. 1. First create a new Custom View and add it to your Saved Report Views 2. The “Scheduled” column indicates whether your report is already setup to be delivered. 3. Click on the Manage Schedule button to create a new schedule or manage an […]

Merchant FAQ

Account Settings How do I view and amend my contact details? How do I log out? What levels of security are employed? Affiliate Management How do I view my current affiliates? How can I accept or reject affiliates? Programmes & Content How do I view all current programmes? How do I access banners/creative & editorials? […]


CC Confirmed Commission. CID The unique ID associated with an affiliate’s campaign. CR Conversion rate. The percentage of Total Transactions that convert to Validated Transactions. CTR Click Through Rate. The percentage of Impressions that convert into Clicks. CS Commission Structure. CSV the format in which product feeds are offered (Comma Seperated Values). Clicks Agency tracked referral […]

Optimise Network Mobile App

The Optimise Network Mobile App can be used by Merchants and Affiliates to access reporting data. Downloads Google Play – Android Phone & Tablet iTunes – iPhone & iPad  Login Login to the App using the same email address and password you use to login to your account via the website. If you’re UserID has […]

Reporting – Report Types

Performance Over Time The Performance Over Time Report allows you to view activity over a selected time-frame grouped by Day, Week, Month or Year. You can also drill down to a specific merchant and/or programme. Performance by Affiliate The Performance By Affiliate Report allows you to see activity of your programmes over a selected time-frame. You can […]

Reporting – Getting Started

Programme Selection If you filter to an individual merchant, then in the “Programme” drop-down menu you can select all, one, or several of their programmes to base the report on. Navigating The Data You can navigate through the data results by clicking the buttons in the bottom left of the report or by jumping to […]

Reporting – Advanced Features

Filtering Data It is possible to apply an advanced filter to the data by entering text into the search box above a field: The report will automatically apply the filter once you stop typing or you can press return to apply the filter immediately. It is also possible to apply more complex arguments to the […]

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