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How To Verify A Website in Insights

Before you can start applying for campaigns you will need to make sure you’ve verified a Publisher website in your account. You can verify your websites by using the left hand navigation to go to Admin > Websites/Apps. Click Add New Website/ App to start the verification process. Once you’ve added a website click the […]

Optimise Deeplinking Chrome Plugin

The Google Chrome Optimise Deeplinking Extension can be downloaded from the following URL: With this extension you can browse to any page on the website of any Optimise Advertiser on which you have an active programme. Once installed, the extension is activated by clicking on the button in the Extension Toolbar: You will need […]

Website Tracking

It is possible for Affiliates to record the website that a click/transaction originated from. This can be achieved by adding WID (WebsiteID) to the Tracking URL when selecting it from your Campaign Manager login. You must ensure that you have registered and verified all of your websites under My Details > Manage Websites. Websites will […]

How To Verify A Website in Campaign Manager

Before you can start applying for programmes you will need to make sure you’ve verified and Affiliate website in your account. Verifying a website can be completed by adding a simple piece of code to the homepage of your website: <html xmlns=””> <head> <title> Money | Money | Money </title> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ /> […]

Affiliate FAQ

Getting started First Steps. How does it work? Account Settings How do I view and amend my contact details? How do I log out? I would like to close my account. What levels of security are employed? Programmes & Content How do I view, add or edit websites that are registered with Optimise UK? How […]

Click Parameters/Macros

The following optional parameters or macros can be included on a click URL: Parameter Data Type Description  UID  String  UniqueID/SubID – read more here  IID  Integer  ItemID – the Optimise ItemID from an Optimise Product Feed  WID  Integer WebsiteID – the ID of your website as registered in the Optimise system  CRID  Integer CreativeID – the […]

Adding a SubID / UID

Add a SubID (UID) to your tracking URL You can add SubID’s (UID – Unique Identifier) to Optimise tracking links as follows (note the below URL is an example only) :{UID}&UID2={UID2}&UID3={UID3}&UID4={UID4)&UID5={UID5} There are 5 optional UID values available which can be viewed in the Transactions Overview Report: Field Name Field Type Field Size UID […]

Adding Postback/Callback URLs

Global Postback URL If you have a permanent Global Postback URL that you would like to implement permanently across all of your campaigns please speak to your account manager about this. How to add Postback URL to an individual campaign For certain types of campaigns you can add a Postback URL directly. via the following: Enter your postback along with […]

Tracking Overview

Introduction Optimise Tracking URLs are broken down into 2 component parts: Domain – our different networks use different domains so please check this carefully if creating links manually. QueryString parameters – our tracking requires a minimum of 2 QueryString parameters but there are many optional values available for tracking additional metrics. Domains Optimise uses different […]


Introduction By default an Optimise  tracking link will typically redirect to the advertisers homepage or a  generic product/category page. However, if you wish to “deeplink” to a different page within the merchants website then follow the instructions for constructing a Deeplink. Deeplinking directly to the content assists the user in getting to the information they […]

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