• Pijush Karmakar

    Hi, Which parameter contains the payout amount and the sale amount.

    • Hi Pijush,

      {STATUS} is the payout amount. I’m afraid we don’t support sale amount via Macros at the moment as there are sometimes subject to change following merchant validations.

    • looks like it’s {STATUS}

    • The {STATUS} contains the sale amount. We don’t currently support the payout amount through our postback/callback macros.

      • Any idea when this will be available?

        • I’m afraid there are no plans to support this at the current time. I’ve submitted a request through to our team for consideration.


          • That’s can be a very useful feature especially for affiliates running cpa offers.

  • NaPat Seubsai

    Where can i contact my account manager for this?
    I have opened a ticket over a month ago but still, no one contact me back regarding this yet.

  • Arbaaz Lambu

    How to generate post back URL can you please tell me

  • Permsiri Tiyavutiroj

    Hi, will this postback/callback URL be activated if there’s a change in the validation status? If not, are there any other ways that we can be automatically notify when it does change?

    • We have recently added support for Validation Postbacks so that we can notify a Publisher when the Conversion is validated. If you would like to reach out to your local Publisher team they will be able to assist you with this.


    • You can use a Webhook service like zapier to receive all conversion types and statuses and then filter the conversions according to their status and then fire the validated conversions to your regular postback url.

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