You can add vouchers, coupons and offers for your affiliates to use in their promotions. Affiliates, can download an aggregated feed of all Merchant promotions making it easy for them to integrate your offers into their site.

Adding a New Offer

Click on Content > Voucher Codes in your Merchant login.


Add the details of your offer in the screen below. You do not have to include a voucher code if there is not one for your offer. Setting an End Date will help affiliates to keep their content fresh and up to date.

Make sure you add a DeepLink URL tat links directly to the offer – this will improve the likelihood of a consumer making a purchase.


If you want to make an offer only available to specific affiliates. Tick “Only available to selected affiliates” and then select the affiliates you want the offer to appear for. CTRL + Click to select multiple options.


If you have lots of regular offers to add please contact your Account Manager.