Filtering Data

It is possible to apply an advanced filter to the data by entering text into the search box above a field:


The report will automatically apply the filter once you stop typing or you can press return to apply the filter immediately.

It is also possible to apply more complex arguments to the filter. For example if you want to search for all “Day Name’s” that exclude the letter “S”:

  1. Add “S” into the search field
  2. Click the key next to the field to reveal the list of operators
  3. Choose “Doesn’t Contain”

In the above example this will remove all Day Name’s that don’t contain the letter “S”.


Saving Custom Report Views


Once you have created a custom view of the report you can save this “View” to be used later.

  1. Click on the Manage Views button to launch the Save Custom View dialog.
  2. Enter a name for your view
  3. Select whether this is a Public (visible to all other users who have access to your account) or Private (visible to you only) view
  4. Decide whether you want this view to be Default view that loads every time you open this report by checking the box. Note that you cannot create a Default Public view for security reasons as it would override other users preferences.
  5. Click Save View


Printable Charts

If you want to save a chart so you can add it to a document or presentation simply change the chart option from Interactive to Printable.


Then right click the chart and select “Save image as…”