• echrway

    Where the address / phone nos. of Optimise Media appear? Link Please.

  • omg007

    You can contact Optimise here: https://www.optimisemedia.com/about-us/contact-us/ Thanks.

  • Mayank Gupta

    Once user clicks the optimise link and user navigates to that merchant website. If user chooses to buy different product during that session, will I be paid commission

    • HI Maynak. Yes, a user can usually purchase any product on the merchant’s website and you will receive commission for it, provided that the merchant is paying commission on that specific product.

  • Can i promote jabong Specific product (lets says tee shirt) through Deeplink

  • Hi again,
    I have a question!!
    Why myntra cookie period is 0.
    And second question is in picture https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/178c77166e19745e6c4fb6e55d723b6dc29d9853c9f7b93bb4ba101d1c213eb5.png

    • Hi Bikas.

      1. Can you please discuss the Myntra cookie duration with the account manager.
      2. The chart shows clicks for the period 04/09/16 to 04/10/16 – this is the blue line. The green line is the period 04/08/16 to 03/09/16 which is there for comparison purposes so you can monitor trends.


  • I am Deeplinking myntra’s products but in the Programme section it says New user or Existing user. Then I Choose new user. My question is if someone who is existing user of Myntra buys a product using my link what will happen? Will i get commission or not?

    • Hi Bikas, Yes this will work with either Campaign. I would suggest always using new user. However, you will see sales appear in both campaigns.

  • ppsr

    I have added meta tag in my blog post – http://AtoZbrands.blogspot.com , when I click on save and validate it still reports cannot find the correct key.. what should I do

  • Plz describe What is no brand biding means?

  • Atul K Srivastava

    Hi,If a programapplicable to promote on social media then why the campaign links not worked there?

  • Amit Das

    If I promote a campaign from my website through Google adwords then is my campaign affiliation to be cancelled?

    • Please refer to the terms and conditions for each campaign within your affiliate login.


    • Please refer to the terms and conditions for each campaign within your affiliate login.


  • jp

    hi… How Long it usually take time from pending to be invoiced. Some of my clicks has been 2 months and still pending. It is only 14 days to process cc applications i think. i know this report must be late from the merchant but is there anyway to know its real status? Thank you

    • Hi JP,

      This can vary from advertiser to advertiser. Please can you contact your account manager directly to discuss the details.


  • Yovi Sharma

    Status for ‘Paytm Mall’ & Mobikwik is showing cancelled for me. Please guide how to get it live.

    • Please can you email your account manager so they can discuss this with you.


  • agarwal music

    my payment invoice is raised on date 02/02/2018 but after 22 days i have not received my payment in bank account. so plz tell me how long its take to get payment after invoice generates

  • Gaurav Asodariya

    when i will get payment?
    there are 2444 inr in my account when i will get this ?

  • Mahesh Vallabhaneni Vijayawada

    Hi i have runned PPC Campaigns in my dashboard, I Promoted all the campaigns in email marketing. Now in my dashboard i have 2700 rupees last month 30th I have joined can u tell me when will I get payed?

  • Anoop Sharma

    Where can I find my unique Affiliate ID. I’m finding it really hard to get it.

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