AppButton can help you acquire and activate new users at scale.

It will help you grow your active mobile user base and make your app a scalable and sustainable part of your business.

Our technology places a button for complementary apps on your mobile web sites and mobile apps in a relevant and contextual manner.

It serves customised, native ads in front of users most likely to convert in an actionable way.


Download the SDK from one of the link below

SDK Documentation

How to Display Buttons

AppButtons are always displayed inside a ButtonPlacement. This enables buttons to be grouped together in the UI with the same properties. Alternatively, you can include multiple ButtonPlacements with a single Button where the Buttons need to be displayed in different areas of the UI.

Single Placement
Multiple Placements

You will need to define the Properties for each ButtonPlacement.

For a Button to function correctly it needs to understand its context & surroundings such as location, language, time zone and Item/Subject name.

When a ButtonPlacement is loaded via an SDK, it will complete the following steps:

  1. Collect the relevant ButtonPlacement Properties such as location, language, time zone and Item/Subject name
  2. Create a Request to the Optimise AppButton API
  3. Identify the Buttons configured in the ButtonPlacement
  4. Check live inventory with the relevant Advertisers
  5. Return a Response containing the relevant Buttons to be displayed by the SDK. Only buttons with live inventory will be displayed


Some Buttons will support multiple languages for the Button text and header & footer for the Action Card. This is based on the user language