By default an Optimise affiliate tracking link will redirect to the merchant’s website as it has been configured by the merchant. However, if you wish to deeplink to a different page within the merchants website then follow the instructions for Constructing a Deeplink.

IMPORTANT: Before constructing a deeplink you must ensure that a programme has been “Deep linking enabled” in your affiliate login under the Technical section of the programme details as per the below:


When to use a deeplink

  1. To link to a product specific page on a shopping site
  2. To link directly to a hotel’s details on a travel website

Constructing a Deeplink

A deeplink can be constructed by adding the &r= parameter to an Optimise tracking URL as follows:

URL Encoding

A deeplink URL should be correctly URL encoded to ensure compatibility with all browsers.

For example the following deeplink would be constructed as follows with the correct URL Encoding:

URL encoded would be:

An Optimise tracking URL with deeplink would therefore be as follows:

A useful URL encoder tool can be found here.

Be aware that whilst some browsers will accept an unencoded deeplink it is advised that all deeplinks are URL encoded to ensure backward compatibility with older browsers.

Optimise Deeplinking Browser Plugins

This section details OMG Browser Deeplink plugins

Optimise Deeplinking Chrome Plugin

The Google Chrome Optimise Deeplinking Extension can be downloaded from the following URL:

With this extension you can browse to any page on the website of any Optimise merchant on which you have an active programme. Once installed, the extension is activated by clicking on the OMG button next to the Chrome Omnibox:

From within the popup you can select a programme and your tracking URL with deeplink will be generated:

You must also configure the extension with 3 properties that can be found in your OMG affiliate account:

  1. AID – your OMG AffiliateID
  2. Agency – Select the Optimise agency in which you are conducting your activity
  3. AuthHash – Your unique secure token for accessing your account details

Deprecated deeplinks

Optimise has deprecated our old deeplinking parameter &redirect= in place of a new parameter &r=

&r= offers simpler integration and ongoing management of deeplinks and affiliates should migrate away from &redirect= as soon as possible.