Selecting a Feed

This option will enable you to download an entire feed for a merchant. To create a feed based on a category search Click here.

Choose a Feed to download from the list. Clicking “View” will download the feed, clicking “Get URL” will display the Feed Download URL.

download-feeds2 You can also choose to view the download URL by clicking “Get URL”: product-feeds-get-url

Download URL

The Download URL is constructed as follows:{AID}&FeedID={FeedID}&Format={XML/CSV} Feeds can be downloaded as XML or CSV. You must specify the format. {AID} is your unique AID {FeedID} can be found on the “Download Product Feeds” page in your Affiliate Login.


You can download a product feed in either XML or CSV. Simply change the &Format parameter in your Feed Request URL to the desired format.




You will only be able to download a unique Product Feed once every 6 hours. This is to ensure that all affiliates have equal access to Product Feeds. If you attempt to download the same Product Feed (same FeedID) you will receive a message notifying how long you need to wait.