It is also possible to search the Optimise Product Database for all products in a specific category.

To download an entire feed in a single file Click here.

Switch to the Category Search by clicking the Category Search Tab


Enter a Search Term. The more refined the Search term, the less results you will receive. For example “External Hard Drives” will return significantly less results than a search for a more generic term such as “Computers”. Remember the higher the number of products in a feed the longer it will take to produce and download. You will also require more resources to process the feed output.


Feed URL

It is possible to manually construct a feed URL. These are in the following format:{Keyword}&AID={AID}&AgencyID={AgencyID}&MID={MID,MID,MID}&format={XML/CSV}

Field Description
CatKeyword  The keyword to search for. This must be URL encoded
AID  Your unique AffiliateID
AgencyID  The relevant AgencyID. Find out more.
MID  A comma seperated list of MerchantIDs to search
Format  Either XML or CSV depending on the output required.