Editorial is also a powerful tool for marketing your site and products online. By complementing your banners, editorial content widens the range of promotional options available for affiliates to present to potential online customers.

Editorial content is dynamically served by Optimise ensuring that affiliates are kept up to date.

Affiliates are given access to content provided by you within their account logins. We are able to host and distribute the content you provide dynamically to affiliate websites ensuring we are in control and that content is kept fresh and up to date.


Editorial can be supplied in any format. Popular options that work well include:

  • Simple, short company/product description, used mainly with a banner or as stand alone listing text (approx 75 – 100 characters in length).
    Example – One line: “Low interest rates, 3 month repayment holiday, click here for further information”
  • A summary editorial, normally one paragraph, used by affiliates with more content on their site. (approx 150 – 200 characters in length)
    Example – Summary editorial: “Quick decisions on loans from £1,000 to £25,000, low interest rates and a 3 month repayment holiday from a name you can trust. Click here for an online quote. “
  • Full product editorial description, normally used by affiliates who are dedicating an entire page to your product.

Example – Full editorial: Your product puts all your money in one place – from your mortgages and loans to your savings and current account – saving you thousands of pounds in interest charges and giving you the flexibility to live your life differently.

The right way to manage your money is to put it all in one place. This gives you one balance that reflects your overall financial picture. But that might not always be how you want to look at your money. That’s why not only can you look at the product as a whole – you can break down your account balance in any way you like. That way you can see your savings, borrowings and other money as individual balances – just like you would with a normal mortgage, current account and savings account. So you get the best of both worlds. You’ve got everything in one place – giving you total flexibility and saving you money. And you’re still able to see your finances in a way you’re used to.

  • Launch Editorial. We will also need a small amount of editorial to post on promotional material to promote your programme when it launches, for example: Your product for the customer lifestyle. “A product for individuals, excellent service for all. A flexible approach to the customer needs, products and services styled for the client. Great conversion rates make this an excellent affiliate programme.”