Email is a powerful promotional tool used by a variety of specialist affiliates. Affiliates are able to send out solus emails promoting a particular product or programme for the merchant to consented databases of targeted email addresses. In order to take advantage of email affiliates it is necessary to put some guidelines in place over affiliate’s use of branding and content.

In addition, it is recommended that you provide some HTML templates that affiliates can use for sending out solus emails to consumers.


  • The email should contain your brand in prominent position but should be clearly noticeable that it has not come directly from you and mislead consumers.
  • Provide a header and footer area for Affiliates to add custom content.
  • Ensure that important information is clearly visible within the email
  • Use simple HTML when building an email to ensure compatibility with all email software. Eg. Hotmail, Outlook. Do not use complex CSS or JavaScript as this may not be compatible.
  • Ensure you prefix all your click-out URLs with Optimise Tracking Macros to ensure your emails will track correctly. e.g : “{AID}&PID={PID}&CRID={CRID}&r=” IMPORTANT: ensure you use the correct tracking domain for your region. To find the correct tracking domain, see

Sign-off Guidelines

If you require that each email is approved prior to an Affiliate sending, please ensure that your account manager is provided with some appropriate guidelines to assist Affiliates with the development.

Example Solus Email

The following is an example of a solus email that would be widely accepted by Affiliates: