We believe these guidelines will make the processing and resolution of queries more efficient and transparent, enabling you to maintain the service levels your users require.

Submissions from Affiliates

  • Queries need to be submitted once a month, by the last working day of the month.
  • All queries need to be submitted on the template provided
  • Any customer data will need to be sent securely on this template, via SFTP.
  • Enquiries or notification that enquiries are saved must be sent to the following email address: service.delivery@optimisemedia.com
  • Queries must be submitted with all of the necessary information for merchants to resolve. Details of the information required will be provided on the template and merchant criteria document.
  • We cannot accept queries for untracked or declined sales older than 45 days (for declined queries this relates to the date the sale was declined)
  • We will not be able to accept queries submitted in any other format, or at any other times during the month. User enquiries that miss the deadline will need to be submitted the following month.
  • User enquiries submitted with incorrect or incomplete information will be returned to you for re-submission. Please note these will need to be submitted the following month.

Updates on Submitted Enquiries

  • The following month updates will be available in your interface under Help & Support > Support > Enquiry Overview.
  • We will notify you on a monthly basis when your enquiry updates are available to download, but you can view progress at any time throughout the month.
  • A status update will be given on each submitted enquiry – whether validated, rejected or still with the merchant for resolution.
  • Queries that have a Query Status of ‘Closed’ are no longer being investigated and the Lead Status column shows the final resolution – Validated or Rejected.
  • Queries that have a Query Status of ‘Awaiting Merchant’ are still with clients for review, and the Lead Status column may change on return from the client.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Cashback team by email – service.delivery@optimisemedia.com