To use the Optimise Mobile Tracking SDK or integrate with a third party you will need to add your Mobile App to your Optimise Account and create an Application Key. This is a unique key that you will use to identify your application to our Tracking Servers.


In a Merchant login, navigate to the View Apps screen by going to
Content > Content > Mobile Apps

If an application key has already been generated, you will be able to see it here. If not, you can generate a new one by clicking on the Create App button.

The following input boxes will appear:

Enter the following details:

  • In the Programme drop-down menu, select the programme name for which you wish to generate the key.
  • In the App Platform menu, select the mobile operating system (iOS / Android / Windows).
  • In the App Name box, add the name of the app as it appears in the relevant app store (iTunes / Google Play).
  • In the Package Name box, add the unique identifier for that app. You can extract it from the URL of the app’s page in the app store as explained below.

Now click on Save Mobile App. The app with its application key should now appear on the View Apps screen:

Finding the Package Name

Apple iOS (iTunes)

The Package Name is in the iTunes URL, starting with “id” and followed by a 10-digit number.

Android (Google Play)

The Package Name is in the Google Play URL, starting after the “id=” statement, and finishing before the next apersand (&).