Programme Selection

If you filter to an individual merchant, then in the “Programme” drop-down menu you can select all, one, or several of their programmes to base the report on.

Navigating The Data

You can navigate through the data results by clicking the buttons in the bottom left of the report or by jumping to a specific page.


You can also increase the number of Records displayed per page by selecting from the drop-down list in the bottom right of the report.



Use the “Chart Data” drop-down menu you can choose which metric is displayed in the chart. Hover the cursor over each chart sector to see more information.


Click on a column heading to sort descending on that column. Subsequent clicks toggle between ascending and descending.


Moving Columns

You can click and drag a column heading to move the column to a different position horizontally. Release the click when the indicator arrows are between two column headings at your intended position.


Adding and Removing Columns


Click on “Add/Remove Columns” to open the Field Chooser. To remove a column, click and drag its heading into the Field Chooser and release it. The column will then be stored in the Field Chooser and the report will be refreshed without that column. To add a column from the Field Chooser, click and drag it until the indicator arrows are between two column headings at your intended position.


Grouping the Report

You can group the report by dragging a column heading into the grey bar above the table. Once it’s there, you can click it again to switch the groups between ascending or descending order. To ungroup, either drag the column heading from the grey bar back to your preferred position, or refresh the report by re-clicking it in the main navigation menu.


Expanding a Group

Each group is displayed as a blue bar across the report. At the left hand end is a button you can click on to expand that group out and see the data it contains. Click on the same button again to contract the data back to the group summary.

Exporting Grid Data

You can click on either the “XLSX” button to export the report in Microsoft Excel format, or the “CSV” button to export it as comma separated values.


Exporting Chart Data

You can export any chart you have created by selecting the “Printable” option from the menu above the chart. Right click on the chart and choose “Save image as…”