CC Confirmed Commission.
CID The unique ID associated with an affiliate’s campaign.
CR Conversion rate. The percentage of Total Transactions that convert
to Validated Transactions.
CTR Click Through Rate. The percentage of Impressions that convert into
CS Commission Structure.
CSV the format in which product feeds are offered (Comma Seperated
Clicks Agency tracked referral clicks from affiliate website.
Click Time Click time relates to the time of the last affiliate referred click prior to the
sale. Click time is only available from 3rd January 2007 onwards.
Content Type The type of content that activity has originated from eg text link,
creative, editorial, OMGads, OMGdirectories, OMGtables
EPC Estimated earnings per click (monthly or daily average).
ER The estimated revenue earned. Note banding is not taken into account.
Feed Refers to lists of product information provided by merchants for
use on affiliate websites.
FeedID The unique ID associated with a merchant’s product feed.
Impressions The number of times advertisements appear on an accessed webpage.
Lead/s Post click affiliate generated activity including Applications,
Quotes, Unconfirmed Sales.
No. of Products Refers to the number of products offered in a product feed.
PC Pending Commission – Based on monthly data and banding, but may
change due to banding.
Referrer The webpage where the user clicked the link.
RI Reporting Information.
Stats Breakdown of statistics for a Merchant program.
Status (Statistics Overview page) Payment status.
Status (Leads Statistics page) The status of the application.
Transactions Relate to post-click trackable activity generated by affiliates
including quotes, applications and unvalidated sales. See also ‘Transactions
Total’ and ‘Transactions Validated’.
Transactions Total Relate to total post-click trackable activity/Leads.
Transactions Validated Relate to ‘payable’ post-click Transaction activity.
Type The payable activity generated by the Affiliate – Sale or Lead.
UID Unique Identifier
Value The value of the Validated Transaction (application) when payable
as a percentage.
VAT Confirmed VAT.
XML the format in which product feeds are offered (Extensible Markup Language).