We recommend using HTML5 Ads/Banners – Find out more.

It is recommended that the HTML banner is hosted within your own server environment. If this is not possible, please contact your account manager to arrange for Optimise to host this content.

In order to deliver an HTML creative to an affiliate website it must be embedded into multiple layers:


Firstly a JavaScript Wrapper will ensure that the content can be dynamically placed on the affiliate website. This ensures that sizing will be automatically applied and the adunit cannot be distorted on re-sized by the affiliate.

The following outlines an example of the JavaScript Wrapper and is the code the affiliate will copy and paste onto their website. The JavaScript layer is automatically generated by the Optimise AdServer:

Secondly an Iframe wrapper is used to define the width and height of the creative unit. An Iframe is required to ensure that any JavaScript used inside the adunit does not conflict with JavaScript on the affiliate’s webpage.

The following outlines an example of the iframe wrapper. This must be prepared and saved as an HTML file which will be uploaded into the Optimise AdServer:

Thirdly the final layer is the HTML content itself. All external links within the HTML must use Optimise tracking URLs in the format:
AID,CID & UID must be populated with the appropriate values from the QueryString Collection.

MID & PID are constants that can be supplied by your account manager. Redirect should be the destination deeplink URL (this must be URL encoded).