The Optimise Network API is a REST API that provides access to a number of methods for both Affiliates & Merchants. The API gives response in XML & JSON formats. There are two ways by which you can get the response in your requested format.

1. Pass the parameter output=json(for JSON) or xml(for XML) in your request URL.

2. Pass the appropriate headers in your request for getting the response in that format.

Request Headers :

For XML  => Content-Type: application/xml

For JSON => Content-Type: application/json

Default response format is JSON.

All calls to the API must be over HTTPS

Structuring your Request

To build your request you will need to build a request similar to the one below:{VersionNumber}/MethodName/?AgencyID={AgencyID}&Key={APIKey}&Sig={Signature}&SigData={SignatureData}&{RequestParams}&output={XML or JSON}

Please note that the latest VersionNumber is 1.2. 1.1 is still supported but should be phased out.
AgencyID Learn more
VersionNumber Specify the version of the API you want to call. The most up to date version is currently v1.2
APIKey, Signature & SigData Learn more about how to authenticate your request.
RequestParams These are the parameters that are specific to your API request Method. Follow the links below to find the specific parameters for each method.
output This is response format of API. output = xml(for xml format) or json(for JSON format). Default format is JSON.

The below is an example, built request that will return product feed results from the ProductFeeds/GetProducts Method for a keyword search “iphone”: 10:25:51.793&AID=156872&MID=&Keyword=iphone&MinPrice=&MaxPrice=&Currency=INR&DiscountedOnly=False&ProductSKU=&output=xml


Find out more about Optimise Network API Authentication


With each API request you must send 3 parameters to validate your identity:

  • API Key
  • Signature value (encrypted with your private key)
  • SigData value (unencrypted)

Within your Optimise Affiliate Login (My Details > Update Account Details > API Key)  you will be able to generate 2 keys:

  • API Key (public)
  • Private Key (private – you should never transmit your private key)

Building Your Request

Your Request URL should be formed as follows

  • {Key} = API Key
  • {Sig} = The Signature Data value encrypted using MD5 and the Private Key. The signature created is valid only for 60 minutes from the time of creation. It will expire after 60 minutes.
  • {SigData} = The unencrypted signature data (the current date and time of the request in UTC) in the following format: 2014-12-22 15:19:13.567


To test your API requests use the Optimise Network API Sandbox:

Affiliate Methods

The following API Methods are available for Affiliates:

Merchant Methods

The following API Methods are available for Merchants:


Each request will require you to specify the ID of the Optimise Network whose data you want to access. More information can be found here.