Optimise API Request Headers

The API will return responses in both JSON and XML format. You need to add the appropriate headers to your request.

  • For JSON Response: Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
  • For XML Response: Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8


With each request you must authenticate with API service by passing the following information:

  1. API Key
  2. Signature value (unencrypted)
  3. Signature value (encrypted with your private key) – Find out more about this


GetAccounts / ValidateLogin

Request URI


Request Parameters

There are no additional request parameters with this method

Response Parameters

Reports / Merchant / GetTransactions

Request URI


Request Parameters

Request Parameter Data Type Required Description
AgencyID Integer Yes The ID of the OMG Agency you are accessing. More info.
MID Integer Yes Your unique MerchantID
PID Integer No ProductID to filter results (optional)
StartDate Date Yes The date to report from dd/mm/yyyy
EndDate Date Yes The date to report to dd/mm/yyyy
LeadStatus Integer Yes One of the following values: All, Validated, Pending, 3 = Rejected
NumberOfRecords Integer No The number of records to return
CountryCode String Yes The 2 digit ISO standard country identifier

Response Parameters

Response Parameter Data Type Description
OMGAppID String Optimise Transaction reference
MerchantAppID String Merchant transaction, sale or order reference
ClickDate String The last click date prior to the Transaction
TransactionDate String Date of the Transaction
CompletionDate String Invoice period for the Transaction
ProductName String Product Name
PID String Product ID
AID String Affiliate ID
AffiliateName String Affiliate Name
TransactionValue String The value of the Transaction
Status String Status of the transaction: Validated, Pending, Rejected
AC String Affiliate Commission
MC String Merchant Cost
Referrer String The Merchant ID or MID
IPAddress String IP Address relating to the Transaction
Item String Basket items in the purchase
Volume String No. of basket items in the purchase
Cost String Cost of basket items in the purchase
SKU String Sku of basket items in the purchase
EX1 String Extended data field 1
EX2 String Extended data field 2
EX3 String Extended data field 3
EX4 String Extended data field 4
EX5 String Extended data field 5
VoucherCode String The voucher/coupon used in the transaction