Optimise Tag Inspector is a Google Chrome Extension that makes it easy to see and verify your tracking tags are correctly implemented.

Download Extension

You can install the Extension here from the Chrome Web Store:

Using the extension

  1. Open a URL where an Optimise Tag is installed.
  2. Simply click on the icon in your Chrome Toolbar (see below)
  3. If a tag/s are identified these will be detailed in the popup window.


No Cookie

If a cookie for your campaign cannot be found you will see the warning detailed below. To resolve this click on the Test URL you were provided.


No PID or No MID found

The tag is misconfigured and does not contain a valid MID or PID value. These should be numerical values. Please check these values against the tags that you were sent by your account manager.

No AppID found

Your Transaction tag must contain a unique AppID value. This is typically a unique order or sale reference that can be used to match the Transaction offline for validation purposes. If you do not require offline validation then a random unique value can be generated and populated.

No Action found

Your Event tag must contain a valid Action. Please check the Event Tags guide  for valid &action= values.