Data Fields

Parameter Data Type Description
ProductID String Optimise’s unique ProductID
ProductSKU String Product SKU provided by the Merchant
ProductName String Product Name
ProductDescription String Product Description – this may contain formatting provided by the Merchant
ProductPrice Decimal Product Price
ProductPriceCurrency String Product Price Currency as 3 digit ISO standard value. eg. GBP, USD, INR
DiscountedPrice Decimal The Product Price with any discount applied
WasPrice Decimal The Previous Price of the product before any discount was applied
ProductURL String The Optimise Tracked Deeplink URL
PID Integer Optimise Programme ID
MID Integer Optimise Merchant ID
ProductSmallImageURL String URL to small product image
ProductMediumImageURL String URL to medium product image
ProductLargeImageURL String URL to large product image
MPN String Manufacturer Part Number
StockAvailability String Indicates whether item is in stock or not. More info
Brand String Brand associated with product
Colour String Colour of the product
Location String Location of the product such as with a Daily Deal
Custom1 String Free text custom field
Custom2 String Free text custom field
Custom3 String Free text custom field
Custom4 String Free text custom field
Custom5 String Free text custom field
CategoryName String Category Name as supplied by the Merchant
CategoryPathAsString String Full Category Path as supplied by the Merchant



The following values will appear in this field:

  • In stock
  • Out of stock
  • Null value – we are not supplied stock information by the merchant for this feed