• tarique ghani

    In the section “WasPrice” some store are showing 0.00 in XML feed also “DiscountedPrice” was showing full price without Discount. How to troubleshoot that

    • HI Tarique. We are bound by the data that a merchant provides to us – this sometimes doesn’t contain all of the information that we would like.

      If Wasprice is shown as 0 it would mean that the merchant does not provide this information to us.

      The DiscountedPrice can sometimes be the price with a discount applied but the because the merchant hasn’t provided a WasPrice, the 2 prices appear to be the same.

  • Shushil Joshi

    How to find product expiry date in product feed

    • Hi Shushil, when an item expires it will be removed from the feed. We would therefore recommend you check everytime you run an import to see if a product is still present and remove it if not.

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