This document guides you through the basic steps required to implement and verify tracking for your campaign:

1. Confirm products / campaigns

2. Check the Key Tracking Requirements Checklist

3. Add Tracking Tags

4. Verify Tracking

5. Next Steps

Confirm Products/Campaigns

Your account manager will have provided you with a list similar to the below. Please confirm the list is correct- notify your Optimise contact if anything is incorrect.

Product / Campaign
3rd Pary Tracking Solution
Comission Event
Optimise Test URL
Product1 none per sale To be provided
Product2 none per sale To be provided

Key Tracking Requirements Checklist

Check the Key Tracking Requirements Checklist before adding tags. Inform your Optimise Contact regarding any queries or should you require support.

Adding Tracking Tags – Desktop Web & Mobile web

You will need to implement the following Tracking Tags on your site so that we can award commission to Affiliate’s running your campaign.

Tag Name Purpose Location Requirement
Sale Tag Recording sales Post-sale confirmation page Mandatory
Universal Tag Recording user journey’s for detailed affiliate analysis Pages within your site Mandatory – should be activated for all visitors (hardcoded)

IMPORTANT: You MUST implement these tags on your desktop website and also any seperate mobile friendly websites, especially any m.sites or adaptive sites.
You may also need to add our tracking to any mobile apps – for further information see Adding Tracking Tags – Mobile Applications.

Tags must be added to the <BODY> of the page rather than the <HEAD>

Sale Tag – Mandatory

Your Sale Tag will look something like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="{SaleReference}
&MID={MID}&PID={PID}&status={Status}&EX1={Product}"></script><noscript><img src="{SaleReference}&MID={MID}&PID={PID}&status={Status}&EX1={Product}" border="0" height="1" width="1">

The above tag contains a JavaScript tag and fall-back tag for when JavaScript is disabled on the user’s browser. If you are unable to place a JavaScript tag on your site please contact your Account Manager.

You will need to replace the following values in the above example:

Value Requirement Instructions
{SaleReference} Mandatory Add a unique sale reference such as an Order Number or Policy Number
{MID} Mandatory Your unique Merchant ID. Your account manager will provide this value.
{PID} Mandatory Your unique Product ID. Your account manager will provide this value.
{Status} Optional If relevant, include the total order value.
{Product} Optional Tell us which product to attribute the sale to.

If you are running your Affiliate Campaign with more than one Affiliate Network then you will need to consider how you will de-duplicate sales to avoid paying the same commission more than once.

Find out more about managing de-duplication here.

Universal Tag – Mandatory

Universal Tag Quick Setup Guide

Our Universal tag can be added to multiple pages on your site enabling sale funnel reporting for detailed affiliate analysis, minimising the impact of adblockers and enables engagement with re-targeting publishers.

Note: Universal tags should always be added to your site so that they are activated for all visitors (hardcoded)

Your Universal Tags will looking something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">OMID=460;OPID=3207;ORef=escape(window.parent.location.href);!function(){var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript",a.async=!0,a.src="//" + OMID + "&PID=" + OPID + "&ref="+ ORef;var b=document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];if(b)b.appendChild(a,b);else{var b=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b)}}();</script>

For more detailed information see Universal Tags and  Technical Requirements for Universal Tags

Note: Universal Tags will create a first party tracking cookie on the advertiser’s domain. This cookie will be populated via a value passed as a parameter (sskey) on the QueryString of the Redirect URL from Optimise. If you redirect or manipulate the URL in any way you must ensure the sskey parameter and value pair are also passed. For example:{sskey}

If you do not implement Universal Tracking sales from Apple Safari browsers cannot be recorded due to Apple Intelligent Tracking Protection.

For further information see Optimise Advertising & Privacy Policy

Extended Data

You can also record up to 11 additional free-text values when a Sale/Conversion occurs. These values are referred to as Extended Data and can contain any alphanumeric data up to 50 characters.

We will supply sale / converions tags with extended data place holders that are relevant to your products. For further information see Extended Data or speak to your Optimise contact.

Other considerations when adding tracking

If any of these apply to you and click on the article for more information.

Adding Tracking Tags – Mobile Applications

Optimise Tracking supports Sale/Conversion and App Installation tracking for Mobile Applications on iOS, Android & Windows Phone. Find out more here.

Verify Your Tracking

We will provide you with URLs so that you can test your tracking setup.

You can read more about testing your tracking here.

Next Steps

You have now completed your Optimise tracking setup! To complete the remainder of the launch process please notify your Optimise Contact who will assist with next steps.