You can schedule reports to be delivered by Email through the interface.

1. First create a new Custom View and add it to your Saved Report Views

2. The “Scheduled” column indicates whether your report is already setup to be delivered.


3. Click on the Manage Schedule button to create a new schedule or manage an existing schedule.


4. Configure your schedule by setting the options:

  • Select the Hour of the day you would like your report delivered in
  • Select how regularly you would like to receive your report
  • Select which days you would like to receive the report or choose a more complex recurrence pattern by selecting monthly
  • Select a Start and End Date for which your report will be delivered between. You can schedule many years into the future if you want your report to continue sending for some time
  • The Report Period defines over which date range you want to return results for:
  • Enter the Email Addresses for the recipients of the report. Seperate each email address with a comma.
  • Set your Schedule to Active
  • Choose the format as Excel or CSV depending on your requirements
  • Change the Email Subject and Body if required
  • Click Save to update your Schedule

That’s it! The report will now be delivered on the Schedule you have requested. You can change the Schedule at any time by repeating the steps above.