Testing Your Tracking Setup

We will provide you with URLs so that you can test your tracking setup.

Completing a Test

Important! If you are using a third-party tracking provider (e.g. DoubleClick) you will need to provide OMG with a redirect url to add to our systems before completing a test.

  1. Click on the Test URL provided – this should redirect to your website.  Ensure that the URL redirects to the correct landing page and that the correct values (QueryString Parameters) are being passed to your landing page.
  2. On any pages where you have implemented an Event Tag you should check the presence of the Event Tag using the Optimise Tag Inspector.
  3. From your landing page either place an item in your basket or fill out the form to obtain a quote or generate a lead.
  4. Complete the full sale or lead process. On your post-sale confirmation page where you have placed your Transaction Tag you should check the Tag configuration using the Optimise Tag Inspector.
  5. Refresh the post-sale confirmation page several times.
  6. Check the Transaction Summary Report in your account and you should see one Transaction recorded. If you do not see this Transaction (or you see duplicate transactions) double-check your Sale/Conversion Tag is configured correctly.
  7. Verify that the unique sale reference (Merchant APPID) is displayed (unless alternative arrangements are agreed this will be needed for validating tracked activity).
  8. Repeat the above for each product.

Useful Tools

You may find it helpful to use a tool that can monitor the HTTP traffic that your browser generates. This will let you see all the events that take place when a webpage is loaded and help you identify whether the Optimise Sale/Conversion Tag is fired – or if it is unsuccessful it should help you to identify why.

  • Fiddler Tool – A free tool that works with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • HTTP Fox – a free Add-on that works with Mozilla Firefox