If you are running your Affiliate Campaign with more than one Affiliate Network or you are using a Cross Channel De-duplication tool then you will need to consider how this will work with your Affiliate Campaign.

Using Multiple Affiliate Networks

If you are running your Affiliate Campaign on multiple Affiliate Networks you will de-duplicate sales to avoid paying the same commission more than once.

This is typically achieved by adding a parameter to your website that can be used to track the referring traffic source. The example below uses a ref querystring parameter.

This parameter’s value is usually stored in a cookie (with the same duration as the Optimise cookie) and then retrieved on the post-sale confirmation page to determine whether or not the OMG Sale/Conversion Tracking Tag is displayed (also known as show/hide).

Adding Channel

Where possible you should notify OMG of the Channel to which Sale/Transaction is attributed. For further information see Adding Channel.

Using Cross Channel De-duplication

There are a number of 3rd party tools available that de-duplicate across multiple sales channels. You will need to ensure that your solution is correctly configured to allow the OMG Sale/Conversion Tracking Tag to be displayed.

Using a unique Sales Reference

It’s important that your {SalesReference} is unique as we will use this to automatically de-duplicate your sales. If you are unable to generate a unique Sales Reference or Order Number please contact your Account Manager.