• Rashmi

    To track the user how can i create uid.

  • Rashmi

    do we have to make a separate column in csv to insert tracking url when a user click on a particular product to track the user’s click or transaction

    • omg007

      I’m not quite sure what you are referring to about inserting a column in a CSV?

  • Komal

    How to add user specific UID, which will help to track user transaction

    • Hi Komal.

      Please take a look at this guide: https://kb.optimisemedia.com/?article=adding-a-subid-uid


      • Komal

        I have read this guide, but how can I add UID user specific. As manually I have add UID “copon01”, I have used this url. But how this url is user specific? How can I add UID automatically as any user login?

        One more question
        There is a option View uploaded emails. What is this? How can upload

  • Bradley Weston

    Where is the documentation for the tracking script?

    For example I am working on a project that uses the following and I’d like to know what is going on:

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