This document provides a Quick Start Guide for Optimise Universal Tracking setup. The linked Knowledgebase articles provide further reading.

Universal Tracking consists of 3 components:

  • Universal Tag – added to every page of your site
  • Conversion Tag – added to the post-sale confirmation page
  • Performance Analytics – provides detailed visibility of the Publisher Purchase Funnel and Full Funnel Attribution reporting. Note this requires additional configuration for maximum visibility.

For more information on configuring tag: https://kb.optimisemedia.com/?article=quick-start-guide#AddingTrackingTags

Universal Tag Setup

Add the Universal Event Tag to every page of your site. The tag will be supplied by your Account Manager.

If you are using Google Tag Manager you can add this to your site by searching for Optimise and creating a trigger for All Pages


Conversion Tag Setup

Add the Conversion Tag to the post-sale confirmation page of your site.

If you are using Google Tag Manager you can add this to your site by searching for Optimise and creating a trigger for the appropriate page. You will also need to ensure that a minimum of sale reference/order ID and sale value are available in the Data Layer.

We recommend passing all values as detailed here: https://kb.optimisemedia.com/?article=quick-start-guide#AddingTrackingTags

If you capture individual basket items as part of your checkout process, our system can be configured to pass these details so we can analyse and report on this detail: http://kb.optimisemedia.com/?article=basket-tracking

Performance Analytics

Attribution Reporting

To utilise the full-funnel attribution in Optimise Performance Analytics you will need to ensure the Conversion Tag fires on every transaction recorded on the site.

If you configure the Optimise Conversion Tag to activate for Optimise referred conversion only, you will not be able to see Attribution Reporting. Instead, you can apply cross-channel de-duplication by passing an appropriate value in the Channel parameter.

Attribution Reporting requires you use UTM Parameters for recording your sources. If you do not use UTM Parameters please discuss with your Account Manager.

Retail Reporting

Once the tags are implemented we will need to perform a one-time configuration to ensure values are correctly mapped in our system. This may only be possible if your site utilises Open Graph or schema.org definitions for products.

Data privacy

Our approach to data protection is governed by our client’s obligations to their customers as well as strict regulation.

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Universal Tracking Quick Start Guide