What is a Cashback/Reward Website?

A cashback or reward website is one where customers can earn cash or reward rebates on online purchases. When a customer makes a purchase online, they may go via a cashback or reward website in order to generate a reward for buying the products and service. Your campaign is running across cashbacks driving customers through this channel.

Affiliates send us untracked transactions on a monthly basis. The process outlined below explains how this will work with regards to what you will need to do.

However, in order for us to manage your affiliate campaign on cashback and reward sites with regards to these queries, we will require the following information from you:

  1. What is the validation period for confirming sales?
  2. What user/customer information do you require from our affiliates for you to be able to check their validity?

What is an Untracked Transaction?

An untracked transaction is one that is not recorded by a tracking and does not show in Optimise’s interface. The main reason why this might happen is if a user/customer deletes their cookies and completes the transaction at a different time or via a different channel.

Predominantly these sales will be generated via cashback/reward websites.

How the Process Works

Our untracked transactions process has been developed to ensure the following:

  • Efficient and accurate management of queries received from affiliates
  • Security and integrity of personal details that are being shared between all parties.

This is in line with our responsibilities regarding data protection.

Our process for handing untracked transactions is as follows:

  1. You will be sent any queries for validation in a password-protected spreadsheet via e-mail. This will happen once a month to an agreed email address. The file may also include queries from users (via our affiliates) where you have already rejected a tracked sale but they feel this is incorrect.
  2. The password will be sent in a separate e-mail.
  3. All queries will need to be returned to us by an agreed date in the same month – this deadline will be stated on the covering email that accompanies the query file.
  4. When returning queries you will need to confirm if they are either (a) valid or (b) rejected. When rejected, we will require a reason for this status as it must be provided to our affiliates to feed back to their users.
  5. Once you have reviewed the queries accordingly, you need to save the file (keeping the password protection on).
  6. This file must then be sent to cashbackquery@optimisemedia.com. If you send the file to any other e-mail address within Optimise you will be contacted and asked to resend to the above address.

By using this process, we ensure that files are sent directly from you (the Advertiser) to our dedicated Cashback Team and that files and customer details are handled with the upmost security.

If you have any questions regarding the above process, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.