Optimise provides access to merchant approved voucher/coupon codes, discounts and offers.

You can find these in your affiliate account under Content > Voucher Codes


If there are any voucher/coupon codes or offers that are exclusive to your AffiliateID they will automatically appear in your account.

Voucher/Coupon Code Data Feed

We now recommend using our Optimise Network API as it offers more functionality over the below.

You can access all of the Offers via a Web Service. Generate your unique URL by choosing XML/CSV and the click Get URL.


Data Fields

Data Field Data Type Description
VoucherCodeID Integer A unique ID for the offer
Code String The voucher/coupon code if applicable
Title String Title for the offer
Description String Description of the offer
ActivationDate Date The date the offer starts
ExpiryDate Date The date the offer ends
TrackingURL String A deeplink tracking URL to the offer on the merchant’s website
CategoryName String Not used
Status String The status of the offer
AddedOn String The date the offer was added
Merchant String The merchant
Product String The product
Type String Not used
Discount Decimal The discount % amount